Monday, 18 August 2008

I knit it my way..

Long time I did not update my knitting projects, as you know knitting really takes time to complete. Unless if you put all your time knitting every hour & minute of your day.. yes, you can finish a large size cardigan in just 1 week.

I made one cardigan for Tweety Mutley.. hmm.. I cant remember when I started it.. sometime end of June. The cardie was actually completed last week, but the finishing part was a bit time consuming - especially darning the yarns & the embroidery..

So here's the 98% of the cardigan I've made.. Need to complete the embroidery part. I made 2 daisies so far at the front.. I hope I can finish it tonight..

Just to share with you this interesting embroidery method - using a crochet hook to sew chain stitch to your knitting garment. I can't remember where I found the tutorial video on this one... But its surely fun to do.. and fast too..

Look at the chain stitch I made using the crochet hook.. saves time.. But I have to be more careful on straight lines.. too many glitches here and there.. hehehe..

This is my next project... Stripe Blue cardigan for baby Danish..


Natrah Norlin said...

erm...dasat betul akak nih..saya je tak khatam2 hu

Natrah Norlin said...

kak..nak tanya la kwn akak yang suka order kat ebay tu..bole tolong belikan yang ni untuk saya tak..

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