Thursday, 7 August 2008

Baby blue daisies diaper stacker

Made another diaper stacker. Oh well, I think my embroidery sucks.. I NEED AN EMBROIDERY MACHINE!!!... (is that an excuse?)

Need more time to organise my art work .. to make it a more presentable items .. This last minute work plus sleepyhead me.. made it a bit messy..

I made a few aditional ammendments to the flower girls dresses last nite. Just a minor one.. But I miss my bed so much lately.. ( I sleep quite well.. but not enough .. to have a good night sleep and sweet dreams.. I wonder if there are women out there has a weird passion as I am..) That's why I have limited time to embelish this diaper stacker..


zarina said...

Am wondering, where do you get the labels. I am looking to be use for my own handmade items.

Jurra said...

Hi.. please see the link at my previous post on my personalised label.

Hope it helps.

zarina said...

Thanks I found it and dropped a comment asking him for details.

Mazlina Yusof said...


How can i reach you? Can you drop me your contact num

Jurra said...

hi Mazlina, you can email me at or YM: aruzamo or SKYPE:jurramo

I will try to get back to you..

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