Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Strawberry Pincussion

I need an instant pincussion for my Clover patchwork fine needles. I can't bear to loose even a single pin (100pins costs me RM29.00). So managed to make my own pincussion for easy grab on my pins. I also bought the finger presser for "ironing" my small patches after joining each piece. Also from Clover, cost around RM36 - doh! I haven't shown you my Olfa rottary cutter yet... arrgghh... why does it has to be that expensive? Gone with RM88..

So.. in order not to loose or slip of this ceramic-like finger presser, I tied the pincussion onto it like a keychain. Easier to "iron" & prick the pin... Easy way to get organised..

See.. I made more of the pincussions.. for my friends.. I know they would envy my pincussion.. So I decided to make a few for them as well.. and share the joy in sewing! Anyone interested? But in one condition.. you have to be my friend ..ehhehe..

A bit messy.. but what the heck.. as long as it can holds pins..

Cute eh? I love it too. I used felt material as well.. all hand-sewn.


Azira said...

zura.. aku x dapat ke.. aku kan kawan ko..

Jurra said...

Buleh bah kalau kau..! hehehe

nanti cardie Danish.. aku selitkan sekali..

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