Thursday, 21 August 2008

Liliput Pink Mary Jane booties

I made this cute liliput A.K.A new born @ preemie Mary Jane booties for a dear friend Mrs J Family.

Wow.. this sole sure is small.. So that baby can wear it even on her 1st day!

A pre-gift for Baby J.. will be out of mummy's belly soon!

I'll call her baby "Jane"... since the family is all starting from letter J..

I remember a malay (Kedah version) of a riddle joke.. All starting from the letter "J"

here goes..

Japaq (Jaafar) jalan-jalan,

Japaq jumpa Jah,

Jah jolok jambu,

Japaq jolok juboq jah.. (hahaha.. sensored word)

Jah jerit -- "Jangan jolok-jolok"

Japaq jeling je...



Natrah Norlin said...

so cute mute la booties ni..rasa nak pegnan lagik..nanti ble bagi baby hu..alaamak terlebih sudaa

priyanka said...

too cute shoes,nice ones.will be comfortable daughter will be happy after loking to them.

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