My lil Pocoyo

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

I never intend to make this bomber hat.. but yesterday when I were at my bro's place, we talked about making "baju kurung" for his 2 girls. Out of nowhere.. the lil niece of mine asked me to make her a "pocoyo" hat..
It really tickles me when thinking about this weird hat she wants....
OK.. here goes with my itcy hands.. I made one from felt material, blue color with white inside.
I'm a bit lousy in measuring.. the hat turn out to be Maya's size. My niece Affriena is 6yrs old.. although she is quite skinny size.. but the hat I've made was far too small for her.. Ends up.. Maya wearing it...

I'll make another one for her tonite.. I can't dissapoint her..


shafiqshamsuddin said...

i am planning a birthday party for my little son for a pocoyo theme...just wondering if it possible to buy the pocoyo hat...
its so cute.... his gonna be one year soon..pls contact me at 0122170616


Haruka xz said...


excusme, but, Where Can i get the Tutorial to do the "Pocoyo" Hat??

Thanks a lot!

Jurra said...

Hello Haruka xz, so sorry there is no tutorial for this hat. I just made it trial & error..

I hope I can make the tutorial in the future..

jared's mum said...

hey there i saw this image whilst browsing in google, my son is a pocoyo addict and would appreciate it much if you can teach me how to make one of these....good day:)

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