Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Cute as a button

I'll go crazy when I bump into buttons! I must buy some.. no project in mind for buttons yet.. but just to have fun.. See these cute buttons..

Some has been sold out.. Very unique & irristable

You can visit the store for your own collection

Yoonie studio shop

My first button used so far... I made Maya her pants, since her pants has worn out and a bit tight. This time I'm using an applique flower design on it. I used the scraps of fabrics that Rhonda gave me

Cute lil tiny buttons...


The Embroidered Home said...

akak suka butang bunga matahari tu...zura beli mana tu?

Jurra said...

Kak, zura order butang2 tu dari
Best.. comel2..

peace_in_piece said...

i like all the buttons !

Azie said...

jura.. i like the embroidery flower tu laa... cantik, tersendiri... ni buat dgn yr janome machine tu ke?

Jurra said...

Azie, ya semua embroidery flower & hearts tu guna mesin.. at least computerised ni takde cacat.. perfect je sulaman tampal..

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