Monday, 13 July 2009

East meets West

To Priscilla & Raymond
for their wedding on 11 & 12 July 2009.
She is my very good friend since schooldays!
Church mass at Sacret Heart ..I miss attending this one... hahaha.. busy with my sewing machine... to finish up the night reception..
*sigh* finally completed... one down.. more to go!
This dress is very similar to the dress I made before this..
Although I've done this a few times.. but this time is more challenging..
I have to make 2 sets of dress for 5 girls = 10 dress
I have to get their measurements by email.. I have to trust their mom's measurement or typo error (only guide them by email)
I was only given their picture too, so that I can guess how exactly they look like physically.
I have 5 multi sizes to make - 14, 12, 10, 6 & 4 years old
No matter how hard it is.. I will strive hard to make it.. Like Bryan Adams said, "Everything I do.. I do it for YOU" (yes all of you out there too)

This is the back side ... the ribbon was a bit short, since the organza fabric is limited.. and I have no more time to go out to buy more.. This is the only length I got.. But, no fear.. I had bought for standby.. rolls of organza ribbons.. In case anything happen..

Haaah.. This is HARD! For me ... you should feel the softness of the fabric... veryyy soft...needs extra carefull ya... and hard to handle..heheh
(mind my lazyness, I didn't get it ironed before taking pics... sleepy oredi)

A speghetti strap dress with semi round flair skirt.. Looks easy...
but only God knows how hard it is for me ... needs practice..
I made the embelishment simple this time.. only play around with ribbons and bows... I didnt get the close up for the gold dress bow ribbon has a tiny butterfly on it

Look at the cute lil girls in the dresses I made... not the girl in black, (the Kadazandusun traditional costume). I plan to make one for my lil Maya with a Dusun Lotud costume(coming soon.. dunno when)

Arent they pretty.. Mix multi-racial ... Malaysian & France

This cute girl is Azizah 6.. my good ol-pal Syedatul's daughter.. sexy oo..


Sheila said...

Dearest my good friend jurra...

You have gifted talent in sewing.. lots of creative & fresh ideas.

The dress turn out so pretty...and from the deep of my heart I really admire your work ^_^

Till we meet again,

From Puchong with love

Jurra said...

Aduh terharunya aku! ni nak nangis nie..

Although we are far apart, we only known each other from this blog, and we met for just a short precious moments.. But I feel so near to you. Your trully kind heart & a very good sense of humor.. seems to brighten my day everyday.. Don't care about the phone bills.. its the FRIENDSHIP that matters and has bond us together..

I miss u already!


LyDia DeLia said...

hei..lydia juge tak ketinggalan rindu juga kamu berdua..kekeke..juga admire your work, zura..lydia faham bagaimana susahnye nak buat dress seperti yang zura buat tu walaupon tak pernah buat..huhuhu...

Miss!Titiana said...

the gold dress is so pretty!!!

ClarityDefinesYou said...

Words just dont describe enough of how i felt when gaze my eyes through those dresses they are so beautiful and delicate just as i imagined them would be as i knew my good friend from primary school would definately nail this one down for me! Everyone admired hem dresses you made it's just a wonderful gift for my flower girls as its so flexible and beautiful! once again zura, from the bottom of my heart thank you so much for that big favour and you know it meant so much to me to have you made them dresses and also to have syedatul's daughter wear them. it's just perfect!

i hope to see you next year and love always from me and i hope you have a prosperous year with the sewing business and everything blossoming in your life. Eventhough we are far we still can and will always stay in contact this way through our blogs and facebook! love you always!

your old school buddy :)

IT'S Me N.a.N.a said...


Jurra said...

Nana, harga depends design & accessories. Workmanship RM50++, not including materials.

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