Friday, 26 December 2008

See what I've won

Sorry this post was a bit late.. But its fun to share what I've won so far..

I won this all the way from US - - received on the 13th December 2008.

Thanks Rhonda for the great givaway! I received 4 patterns and a green fat quarter.. Hey, you must visit her blog... she had made such beautiful quilts!

Next item I won is from -- -- items received on 23rd December 2008 -- by hand delivery by Jaja's hubby. The funny thing is... the 3 winners - Jurra, Sindut & Neneth -- we are all workmates..! har har har.. what a coincidence...

Nice box with lotsa books inside!!!... Yeah.. although Maya is still small.. I think Maya would really apreciate it when she starts to read.

I just luuuurvee givaways!.. Love you all!!

1 comment:

snazzynsuch said...

jurra... luckynya you.... and best nya dapat pattern banyak2 camtu...

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