Monday, 13 October 2008

October Project - Sailboat Wall Hanging

Sorry for the delay on new updates.. I'm a bit busy lately with my girl. She's more clingy & playful lately. And I only had little time on my sewing.. But everyday is a good day sewing for me...

Here is my latest patchwork project. Actually this is my 2nd patchwork.. but my 1st one is still kept inside my drawer, nicely cut and had only sewn a few..
But as for the month of October, the Epal project of the month is The Sailboat Wall Hanging.

Don't laugh yaa.. this is my first attempt... and I have cut the material wrong! Not all.. but I spoilt 2 pieces.. I'd replaced one.. but as for the 2nd mistake, I can't afford to buy another RM28 per meter of American Cotton.. so I just continued with what I have with the help of my tutor. Only had to make a few adjustment & modification...


Silly & careless me! This is only 40% of the project.. just completed the middle part... I hope I can get it done soon..( I doubt it)..
This is the actual work.. Nice eh? I hope it'll turn out well..

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Sheila Wahid said...

Salam zura,

I follow you. Nak buat gak kapal layar ni... tunggu...

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