Thursday, 9 October 2008

Curtain with scalop

I finally finished my sliding door curtains done before Hari Raya... Phew..! I nearly gave up .. cos I have too many to sew.. all due before Eid.. Thank God I managed to get it hanged on the Raya eve.. Wow.. my first scallop curtain! I learnt it at my Epal class for September project.. I was suppose to make a matching round table cloth... with matching cushion cover.. Unfortunately the material supplied was ugly..! Not suitable for my small side round table... So I made a different fabric instead.. (sorry forgot to take pic)

Tadaaa! My humble curtain!
I learn it from Epal.. ! Every project made is usable... Worth the money..!
I'll post some of my finished project.. soon..
Stay tuned.

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Natrah Norlin said...

kak..pas ni bukak kedai online eh...besar2 besaran...order online...jahit..kait..manik..kasut ;)dah terer tahap gaban dah tuh..

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