Friday, 17 October 2008

Amazing creation by serging machine

I made this frilled tissue box cover yesterday... within a few minutes.. Looks like ordinary sewing techniques, but can you ever imagine that I made it using a serging or overlock machine only??
Believe it or not.... No other machine used... only with my Janome MYLOCK 744D!
This is my baby Janome MyLock744D.. I never thought it can make frills like this?

This is another feature that MyLock744D can do... sewing beads, piping & patchwork... Can your serging machine do this??

Thanks to Epal who organised this beneficial workshop for all VIP members who has bought this serging machine in effort to educate them on the multiple function of this special machine.
Each of us attending the workshop had to bring our own machine. Which I think is good, so that if any problems with your machine.. the tutor can help to have a look..

This is my new friend Mas & me (right).

Other VIP members participating in the workshop.

Full view of my placemat I made from the workshop, made of simple cotton fabric, fusible web, piping tape with string and gold string beads. All made by MyLock744D serging machine...!

Also the fabric pieces are sewn as patchwork design... I hope I can do more with my srap fabric..! Soon... I'll show u..

This is the original sample of tissue box cover

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