Friday, 10 October 2008

Beaded Handbag Workshop

Its Epal workshop again..! We made our very own Beaded Handbag ... but this time there's only 2 enthusiastic participant attended this workshop.. There should be 6 person, but the others didn't turn up.. So ended up only Neneth & me.Above pic: Emmah (tutor) and Neneth
During breaktime session.. eating pickled guava with "belacan" (Malaysian cheeze.. heheh) and chili & soy sauce.. yummy.. See eager neneth eating..

Above from left: Emmah, Idah (tutor), neneth & meeee... Happy eating biscuits..

We learnt to sew beads on the handbag.. So this is only 20% of it...

Larger view of the fabric for the outer part of bag..

This is the sample of the handbag... I hope I can complete mine soon...

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FloDawn said...

Eeeeeeiiii cantik d beg ooo!!! I LIKE! I WANT!!!

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