Friday, 17 October 2008

Snazzy & Such Give away...

Happy anniversary to Snazzy & Such (my favourite site)...
They are giving away goodies..

-- a tote bag.

whats inside??
-- an Australian Home Spun magazine, beads, buttons, one roll of ribbons and a fat quarter (you still have lots of space after you put all that in the bag).. and i’m giving it all a way…

and A LOT MORE!!!!

Grab the chance to try your luck to dip in and join the GIVE AWAY..
Go now.. lets celebrate SNAZZY & SUCH 1st BIRTHDAY !!!
click on her link above... you'll find out more!

1 comment:

Zarina said...

Hey - I saw a photo in Tech&U NST and I thought this look very familiar and it is. Congrats on having your blog mentioned.

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