Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Lil white kurung with bullion rose trimmings

This is the real model of the lil white kurung I've made for lil Misha from Singapore. Such an adorable baby, isn't she?


ummu_hanis said...

cantek nye baju. kemas je jahitan awak. admire kita.

Rhonda said...

Cute little one and cute outfit.

Jurra said...

Ummu Hanis, terima kasih.. 1st time buat tu.. setelah byk kali buka jahitan sampai kemas..

Rhonda,yes, she is cute in the outfit. She's only 5 months.

shysta said...

thank yew jurra for sewing this for little misha. If yew know how to jahit baju punjabi, we'll order it for next year's raya!

Jurra said...

Hi Systa.. you are most welcomed.
Punjabi suit eh? My friend planned to make one Indian suit for her, so I guess for baby, Insya Allah.. next year.

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