Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Blanket that keeps her warm

Good morning!!!!

I was so lazy lately.. and no time to sew.. busy with my girl.. She sleeps late nowadays.. 10pm. (WHAT??? u call that late?)

Err.. yep.. to me its too late when my pillow keeps calling my name..

Hah.. well.. To get things rolling, I tried to heat up my desire of sewing by making a flannel blanket for Maya. I bought this fabric long time ago..

But this is the most simple sewing skill.. Straight lines! hehehe.. lazy huh?

I wanted to make a patchwork quilt.. but Maya needs a bigger blanket now.. yes now! Since her old baby blanket that I knitted could not cover her anymore..

1 comment:

hannie said...

Love that pink blanket. Lazy? Hey, you see result ma.. at least you know how to sew and Maya is using it, that is good enough for me :D
Keep up the good work..

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