Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Halter neck blue polka-dot dress

Hi.. I'm back with my sewing lil dress again!

Halter neck blue polka-dot dress
I have made similar dress before this.. but this time not cotton.. A bit hard to keep a consistent pace when running the auto-pedal. The needle just slips out of its track.. but.. ok for a novice..

Back view, with elastic bands.

Front view, decorated with tiny flowered lace.

Close-up view from back.

This dress was made for Merhnaz.. I guess she cannot fit it now, I made it a bit oversized for a 1yr ++. Nevermind, she can wear it for long term.

Will make a tiny clone of this dress with the leftover material, especially for Merhnaz's lil sister (err.. she's 0-3 months size)

Isn't that cute.. sisters wearing same dress..


Anonymous said...

Hi Jurra

It is a beutiful dress - Iwas looking for a pattern for my little girl. I loved it and made one for her too. I loves the bands in the back.


Jurra said...

Hi geetha. Thank you. I hope I can see the dress you made.

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