Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Cream Flower Cardigan

Here I am knitting again... a special request all the way from Putrajaya - Ziera for her to wear during her confinement.. A Cream Flower Cardigan.
I really hope I can get it done before her due date.. err.. sometime end of May?

Imagine.. 99 stitches on the circular needle... luckily this is M size.. If I were to knit my XXL size.. alamak.. sarat la jarum ku .. oohh.... jari jemari ku.. kaku..heheheh
Hmm... I only made around 9inch..
Its a long way to go Zura.. But I really love doing it..
Hey.. How come its called Cream Flower Cardigan? I see only plain color?
Till then.. wait for the result.. SOON.

1 comment:

Azira said...

go,go,go zura go.. i know u can finish it earlier.. hehehe.. bg semangat sket kt ko.. aku pun x sabar nk test cardigan tu..

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