Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Play around with beautiful ribbons

I received this book yesterday which I've bought from the original author.

Puan Suzana Mustafa - which also the owner of http://www.wanitamelayu.com/

This book is great! Its worth buying for those who are really into embroidery sewing.

Only RM39.00 + $4 pos express charges.

Wow, exclusive from the author, I even got her signature.

Nah.. to excited to try this new thing.. See my first Ribbon Embroidery.

I made it last nite!

Well.. this is good enuf for a start. Its not quite "kemas" yet.. still need to get my hand get used to hold an embroidery needle.. Ouch.. Painful lah! Eventhough I used the crosstich fabric whith lotsa holes, piercing the needle together with big ribbons is so damn painful.. (tak biase kot)

Long time no embroidery.. eversince primary school leh..

I'm going to try more..

Stay tuned my friends.

p/s: A very special thanks to my new virtual web friend Cheq-Sue for her inspiring website. I learn a lot of ideas from there. Get to know her, she's great!


Neneth said...

cantik ooo..bah..buat banyak-banyak boleh cari duit ni..buka kedai

cheq-sue said...

wah! tahniah zura kerana berjaya hasilkan sulam riben pertama yg sungguh cantik. keep up the good work.

Azira said...

zura.. aku pun mcm dh teruja dgn sulaman riben ni.. nanti after deliver, aku ingat nk ceburi jugak la bidang ni.. itupun klu rajin lerrr...

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