Friday, 2 October 2009

Baju Raya

I have so many orders for Raya that I had to postpone due to my unfit situation. Early pregnancy is not easy to handle and i was adviced to get enough rest (although I lie to the doc, saying I'm eating & sleeping well).. I still need to at least clear up some orders.
I had 6 pairs of baju kurungs that I didn't even had the time to get a snapshot of it. See how desperate i am to finish up & deliver it away ASAP.. Here are some of the lucky ones I got..
Out of 20++ orders, I only managed to sew 12 pairs in time for Raya. Gosh! I feel so terribly sick after that. If I knew I would get preg, I won't accept orders. Thank God who gave me powerful strength to go thru all the sleepless nights. And thank you to my husband who understands and cooks for me during my hectic busy moments.
To the other pending orders, I am trully sorry from the bottom of my heart, that i had to delay your orders. Thanks for understanding me, God Bless you..

This is a baju kurung for a 6++months old Aysha (Karmilla's)

A Baju Kurung for Maisarah 3yrs(Rini's)
A baju kurung moden for Datin F (datin wannabe..haha.. jgn pukul aku ya auntie!)

Baju kurung kedah moden for Sabrina 8yrs

Baju Melayu cekak Musang for Jafran 7yrs

Pair up with his sister Sabrina - baju kurung pesak


effa said...

Firstly... congratulation 4 pregnant... itulah rezeki.. Secondly... memang penat dan tention bila kita amik tempahan baju untuk raya... saya pun macam tu juga..

MK said...

saya suka baju kurung untuk Datin F, nampak unik sekali. and congratulations for pregnant.

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