Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Cream Flower Cardigan Part II

Hah... yes! This cardie will be ready soon... 90% done.
Back bodice - done
Front Left & Right - done
Sleeves - 1 done, other one is 3/4 done
To do next: button hole & button side & embroidery flower.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I loved and knew the basic already but don't know how to knit a simple cardigan for my daughter poor me...

Jurra said...

Hello sylee! Wow! THats great! Its good to hear someone who knits in KK too. Hey.. we should get-together like weekend-knitters-club..

I wonder if there are many people out there in KK who share the same interest.. Quite rare you know.

Well, if there is any get-together.. tell me ya!

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