Thursday, 29 May 2008

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Next Cardie for my mama's birthday

I got a request from my dear friend Tweety Mutley, to make a cardigan (same as the cream flower cardigan) for her mom. She wanted a dark maroon color..
So I've started knitting it.. until I realise my mom's birthday is just around the corner -- 23rd June!
Oh gosh! I have not much time. I wanted to make a Ribbon Embroidery Flower Bouquet design, framed nicely... for her to hang on the wall. But.. not much time..
So.. Sorry Tweets, I had to use this for my mom..heehehe
Hope you woudn't mind waiting for next round.
(hope the yarn shop still sell this color)

I just love knitting...

Friday, 16 May 2008

Cream Flower Cardigan Completed!

Hey... I completed the cardie for Ziera. I got to wear it first.. See my beautiful picture below..
(I colored my hair ya..! = )

Ni yang mahal nie... trademark.

Phew! Siap satu projek yg paling lama.. Hmm.. marathon knitting! I did this within 25days (3 weeks ++)!

This is my best record so far.. But I want to make some more..! Got really addicted to knitting already.

Wanna get this free pattern?

Click here

Wanna learn how to knit and share the excitement of this great needle art?? Hmm.. feel free to contact me..

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

My brand name

I'm so excited..
I receive a "Pos Express" parcel from KL this morning..
Tada! Wow.. this ribbon role is so huge..

I can sew thousands of stuffs with label on it.. hehehe..

This would be my first ribbon label specially ordered from Ribbon Haven.
Thank you to Maya of Crazyartzone blog, who inspired me to make my own label as well.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Simply Knitting Magazine

I just love this magazine! It really inspire me to knit.. knit .. and knit..
This is the latest April 2008 issue.. Look at the beautiful colors. You should see inside.. with all the beautiful yarns.
I wish I can go to the stores and buy 'em.

What I like best about this magazine is.. it comes with a gift for every issue!

For this month's issue, I got a set of Yarn Bobbins.. which is very usefull for my leftovers yarn or I can organise it better.

Next month issue will be "cable needle".. I hope its for real. I found out that last month's issue, they changed the gift items.. This april issue should be given a yarn organiser (its a transparent plastic bag to organise your yarn), but I got this bobbins instead.

Maybe its their marketting strategy to get you buy every issue..

But I have no regrets on buying this magazine.. I still get stuff that cannot be found anywhere in Sabah.

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Photo taken by Ziera

The diaper stacker has finally arrived at Putrajaya.. and the best thing is.. it is ready for loading in diapers..

See Ziera's blog!

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Cream Flower Cardigan Part II

Hah... yes! This cardie will be ready soon... 90% done.
Back bodice - done
Front Left & Right - done
Sleeves - 1 done, other one is 3/4 done
To do next: button hole & button side & embroidery flower.

Friday, 2 May 2008

Diaper Stacker - Orange & Choc theme

This is my latest diaper stacker, made for my friend Ziera.. She will be a mom soon.. (counting the days now)

Hmm.. I had no idea on the embroidery part.. I just simply draw whatever comes into my mind..

But I still need more practice on hand embroidery... a bit messy I see..
Practice make perfect..

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