Wednesday, 18 February 2009

DIY Photo frame

Neneth & I was thinking of a last minute gift for our friend Sheila. Since we never met Sheila in person, neither does she.. so we thought of giving a surprise gift.. A photo of both of us.. hahahah.. her virtual far away friend.. (yeahh... yeahh.. funny huh?)

How is it? Nice?? hahahahah...
How did I make it?? Maybe you want to do your last minute photoframe yourself... Here are some informal tutorial or the making of...

JURRA's Foto Frame!

1. Get a box or cardboard or what I use here is a Mounting board (thanx to Jaja who introduced me to this alien thing.. Never knew they sell this.. Jurra was so ignorant about this craft thingy)

2. Cut 2 pieces of your prefered size, 1 piece cut into a frame like shape above.

3. Prepare your fabric (sorry I dun have exact measurement cos I just simply cut as long as it can cover the frame).

4. I cut into 4 stripe, and then I sew it together to form the 4-sides

5. Then..opss I missed one picture -- I cut some leftover 6mm sponge to make a cushion at the front of the frame. Glue it to the frame.

6. Next, put the fabric on top of the sponge, glue it to the back side.

7. Yucks.. glue is so messy.. I wish I had a glue-gun.. I guess it will make my life easier..

8. For the back frame, I sew the fabric around like a bag and then turn it inside out.

9. Slide in the back board inside the fabric case & glue to cover the openings.

10. Embelish the corners with lace or anything you fancy. I used lace for the border.. and lil rose buds and butterfly to make it a bit alive...!

11. Lastly, stick together the front & the back frame with super glue.. so that it wont come off

12. Remember to attach a handle to it, any string or ribbon can do... So that you can hang it.


Don't forget to put your very most gorgeous picture inside!!

Happy Belated Birthday SHEILA!

She was born on 12 Feb 197-dot-


maklang said...

nanti untuk birthday maklang jangan lupa buat satu tau...he..he..

gurau tu..gurau...:)

LyDia DeLia said...

beday lydia pon tauu..hahaha..

Jurra said...


Ada facebook tak? Kalau ada.. senang ada reminder birtday..Tau lah dah tue ni.. tak boleh ingat kalau takde reminder..

Kalau dah join facebook.. cari Mazura Othman ya! Add me.

Natasha binti Mokhtar said...

heheh..saya pun nak gak satu...dah lama minat hasil kerja u...salu masuk sini...sila beri tunjuk ajar

Alviana said...

my bday too hehe... ikut2..
beautiful jurra. i loveeeee the cute rose bud and butterfly details. seeeeeewwwwww cute :)

MiSsJue said...

thanks akak for the tutorial! boleh buat door gift utk tetamu VIP saya nanti >___< mekasih!

Qoreader said...

hi there..
thank you for your tutorial. It really helps me.
greetings from Borneo.

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