Monday, 23 February 2009

What ev i done?

Here comes grumpy lil duckling name action..

What is this actually? I'm doing a bit of some crash course project.. thats y I'm away from my desk.. hehehe.. <-- evil laf

(psttt... dun tell my boss aah!)

This is one of the cute and adorable technique call brush-out.. I do have lotsa knitting yarn.. Wow.. I just love this! Cant wait to use up my leftover yarns.

Cute t-shirt eh?

This is an organza brooch... err.. not done with the pins yet.. only the embroidery part finished..

Aaah.. this is also nice... Lace! This lace was sewn on a water soluble fusible web.. So.. this is also known as "kerawang" in Malay... *wah.. imagining my future dress with this kinda lace on it.. dream on girl..*

Happy Birthday Maya.. not!
This is only a towel.. gimic.. its only an embroidery on towel..

This one is a "Save Mother Earth Bag" or you might say a recycle shopping bag...
ahh.. I just love bags..

This is my pencil case..

And lastly.. this bag is not included in the course ya!..
Just want to show you how I carry my embroidery machine from home.
I made this bag just for "her"


maklang said...

macam gatal tangan aje nak pi beli mesin sulam macam zura tu...betullah..dah gatal sangat dah ni...ari tu tengok kat kat sini pulak..mencabar minda betul...ish..ish..

Kak Kate said...

warghhhh....kakak pun cam mau tu mesin la..... brapa setumpuk tu arga dia... hehehehe

ryoko_kouru said...

bila bleh bt tempahan sulam ni... xcitednyaaaa... mo design sulam guna mesin epal tuh...

LyDia DeLia said...

mencabar jiwa dan raga je taww mesin sulam tuh!!grrr..

snazzynsuch said...

wah... banyak dah u siapkan!! huhuhu... i dah lama tak g class nih.. hahaha... tah bila la nak abis HBB i tu... :P

Jurra said...

Beli jgn tak beli... Kalau nak beli.. bagitau aje..boleh bantu...!

Snazzy.. aha.. cepat I siapkan.. skrg dah 5 hari siap semua projek.. tinggal nak habiskan menyulam aje.. on queue now.. Boring tol tunggu sulam habis.. tu je takleh cepat. kene ikut timing.

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