Thursday, 12 February 2009

Pocoyo not poyo

Hahaha.. more of pocoyo..! Actually its not Maya's.. she's only "borrowing" it for a while this morning. The has is for AuntieJ for her Lil Ethan.
See this sleepy early morning face.. She can't resist of not putting it on just to try out. She loves pocoyo too... SHe called it POYO..

The end..!


rahma said...

wah... cute!! ^0^

Anonymous said... son lovess pocoyo to!
i memang cari topi pocoyo untuk dia. how can i get from u? how much? can u post it to me at penang?

Mommy Stephanie Liah And Daddy Remy Rizal said...

OH,MY GOD!enuf my post at dat bitch page. babe.

Farah said...

salam...berapa ringgit u jual ek topi ni?

ni my email:mylildreamz at gmail dot com

Michele said...

Would like to get one for my toddler. Do you sell it?

ziela said...

nak order untuk anak i boleh x?bape kos satu yea?

boleh sms sy zila 019-7754750

Donna V said...

I would LOVE one for my god daughter. I live in Australia, do you make these and sell them ?

Anonymous said...

Would love to buy one too. Actually if you make the whole costume, please advise :)

Anonymous said...

nak order boleh ke topi ni ye??

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