Wednesday, 19 August 2009

1st round of hexy

To my hexy pals, sorry I posted my 10 hexy daisy a bit late than the due date which is on the 15 Aug. A bit bz lately, and tired.. (I'm getting morning sickness already ...arrrghh.. *wink*)
THis first hexy blue color set of 10 goes to Faridah Salim. Hope she likes it.


shima said...

sweet warna blue yang jurra buat ni.. sweet sangat, mesti fida suka

naiz said...

lawa2 lah birunya...tapi rasanya nama penuh faridah, ialah Faridah che May. he.he.he..

Jurra said...

Harap fida suka..hehe.. maklumlah dia memang pakar bab2 kain nie.. harap dia suka le pilihan kite ni, kan k shima?

Naiz..heheh.. lupa aa.. nama Faridah Salim tu sentiasa telekat kat otak ni.. sebabnya dari nama blog dia yg tu..hehehe..

Salim tu sape eh Fida? hehe nama awak lain..menyebok je si jurra ni..

Zarina said...

I've made one (lots of white space to make it look like a paper wrapping) of those for my parents' 25th anniversary. I have made plans to start a new one following the traditional method but I'm stuck - I don't have that much scraps to use. I'm planning to use fabric that I have included in my quilts so far (which is only started early this year).

Zarina said...

And its this post about your pregnancy. Early congratulations and take care.

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