Friday, 7 August 2009

Hexy game

I can't believe myself that I joined a group of creative ladies who love sewing as well.. together hand-in-hand building up a Grandmother Daisy Flower queensize Quilt for ourselves.

Isn't that sweet??? Picture above is courtessy of Kak Diah.. A sample of how the hexy game would turn out to be..

How does it work?

1) We gather around a bunch of 10 person (all virtually scattered around all over Malaysia)

2) Draw will be held every 2 weeks, on who's turn will get the whole set of 100 daisy quilt flower from all members.

3) Each person will have to make 10 daisy quilt flowers following the prefered theme color the winner of the draw for that 2-week period. Everyone must finish the 10 flowers on time within 2 weeks, and send it to the lucky person by post.

4) Every member will get her turn to receive the set....

5) I just cant wait for my need to worry.. even the last person will get her turn by end of december.. not that long rite? Imagine if you make this queensize quilt all by yourself..HANDSEW! I wonder if I can finish em in 5months.. without this kick-startup...

Hehehe.. dun laugh yaa! This is my first time making this trully handmade and hand-sewn creation. All this while I only made my sewing with my very helpfull & faithful Janome machine.. Too lazy to use hand needle.. but now.. no choice!

Top pic is the back view. Not that hard to make, just print out the required size of template, standardise with all members... See Balkish blog for the details of this game.. Click HERE

This is the front view... sorry about the white temporary stitches... Can only open when finish all..

Hopefully I done it right... Please comment ya members...

BTW, the lucky person to get the first draw is Faridah Salim. Her prefered color is BLUE.. Wait till I get all my fabric done..

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