Monday, 3 August 2009

The Lavender butterfly

I made this dress for my friend's daughter Qiesya to wear on her 1st birthday party. Its an off shoulder dress with a small white speghetti strap.

This design was requested by the mother herself.. as she love this color.

The design was actually from a doll-dress, now I turn it into a girl's dress

TADA!!! Not easy.. but Thank God I did it..!

A purple & white butterfly design is so sweet matched with this linen fabric dress.

It was suppose to have net lining inside, but I thought it would be too bulky to sew it together, so I made a seperate tutu skirt for it.. So that she can put it on if she wishes.. it might be too hot to put it on especially during the hot day.. or she can even wear it with other dresses if she wants an extra wide skirt..
Hope she likes it..
Happy Birthday Qiesya.. sorry I missed your birthday party, Maya was not feeling well..


Zura said...

awww...that is the sweetest party dress i've ever seen! cantik betuk colour lavender and the butterfly is awesome!

maklang said...


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