Monday, 15 September 2008

JANOME celebrates the production of 50 million units

JANOME celebrates the production of 50 million units household sewing machines on July 22, 2008. See more

Believe it or not... I may be the 50million-th person who bought this sewing machine.. Cos, I officially paid for the machine & brought it home on the 22 July 2008 itself! I wonder if Epal notice it.. I doubt it... I should have won some lucky-buyer-draw or something... Dream on girl...! Who are you to claim as such...

Well.. its ok.. As long as I'm satisfied with what I bought and the projects I produced.. its all that matters to me..

Thanks to Epal KK who had organise a briefing on this 50 million thingy... and give away the calender-key-chain with the 50 million logo in front, and also a car sticker. There will be a lucky-dip-hunt for those who's car was found with this sticker on, will get 1 year free membership! So.. I haven't put up my sticker yet... I will soon.. Who knows I might win..?

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