Monday, 15 September 2008

My Epal Project in hand..

Here are some of the Epal project I'm doing.. still in progress.. Will only update the end result when its done..
Rainbow Wall hanging patchwork.

Baju kurung manik.. (Beaded Baju Kurung)

Kasut Manik ( Beaded Slippers/Sandals)

Hmm.. matching Baju Kurung with Sandals for Eidul Fitri! Cool eh?

Sarung Kusyen riben ( Ribbon Cussion Cover)

Langsir ( Scalloped curtain )

Wow.. I've just started joining Epal since 22 July 2008 (its not even 2 months yet).. but look at the projects I took??!?!? This must be goood!

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