Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Shopping time again

Since time is so precious... I can't seem to find time shopping.. Good thing we had online shopping nowadays.. Just a click away... swooooshh... fly to your doorstep!

Look what I bought this time? I received the Pos Express pack yesterday from Snazzy & Such ! Although there was a bit of delay... blame it on the Postman Pat! Tinn had posted the stuff last week.. Wow! "POS EXPRESS - Dijamin sampai esok"???? Instead, it only turned up yesterday..

Just not my luck..
Well.. as long as I got my stuff.. thats good enuf! Thank you Snazzy & Such ! I'll be a loyal customer of yours.. heeheh..

I bought this bright color Yokey Top (CUTE ISN'T IT?? my fav colors!)... Tailoring shears (wow.. I'm a tailor?).. and 3-in-a-set Bobbin (the 3 white square plastic).

See this top - really comfy cotton it is... Admire her workmanship.. very neat! Thanks Snazzy & Such

Although its time for bed.. I quickly put on this top on to Maya.. for photo session. Mind her boring look.. hehehe.. she hates it when I had my hp cam pointing at her.. and tried to look away..
Yeah.. she's pretending she didn't see me.. concerntrating with her giant book.

Naahhh... time for bed.. Goodnite mama! I had to change her back to her night long-sleeved tshirt.

So.. try visit Snazzy & Such to see her cool sewing stuffs & crafts...!

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MYRA said...

Lovely little top on a cut little girl! Love the fabrics! Looks great!

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