Monday, 8 September 2008

Testing out fabric booties.. with "brakes"

I tested to sew this booties .. I planned to make it more solid.. and ironed it with the glued fabric inside.. But funny I bought the glued-fabric which is too hard stiff! It is supposed to have elastic bands at the ankles.. but it was too hard to insert elastic bands in it..

I will make this for "display item only".. hehehe .. cos I think toddlers who wears it will get blisters... Its hard as rock!
I must change the inner glued fabric to a softer type.. I don't wanna hurt those cute tiny feet...

Hey.. this sole was made with anti-slip at bottom of sole (this is the brakes feature I meant.. heheeh)... Yeah.. I bought it all the way from US. I can't find it here or anywhere in Malaysia online stores .. or is there any online "seller" who sells this material online? If anybody knows where to buy this .. please tell me.

Now I can make soles for toddlers.. I guess its limited to 18 mnths only (for security purposes).


MYRA said...

A very cute little set of foot-wear.

Anonymous said...


where you bought these anti-slip fabric? i also want to buy to made the fabric booties for my nephew too ^__^

Jurra said...

I bought it from

Anonymous said...

thanks Jurra.. ^__^
i go to see now.. ^O^
from Vi

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