Friday, 5 September 2008

My new baby has arrive!

Look what I got.. a Pos Laju parcel from.... SHIELA
I know you can read the Read!
I guess this gadget is quite an alien for some people out there... FYI, this is a pleater that makes pleats for smocking embroidery.. What is smocking?? Go google it to find out.

Don't laugh ya.. I don't know how to use this horse yet.. hehehe.. Hah well! You'll see the result soon!

Have a nice weekend!


snazzynsuch said...

congrats jurra for your new toy... :)

how come it arrived via pos laju? epal ada jual rite? when i bought it, siap dapat comission rm30 lagi.. ehehhe...

ps: i'm praying that your package will arrive today...

Jurra said...

heheh.. baru tercapai impian..

Biasa la.. kat sini takde stok.. so.. taksabar punya pasal.. Shiela la jadi supplier..

Anonymous said...

berapa hega mesin ni??

Jurra said...


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