Thursday, 25 September 2008

Lady Boutique

I wanted to learn tailoring.. part-time.. but it is quite costly and need to sacrifice a lot of time.. I guess I'm not ready for that.. Slowly I will sharpen my skills by self learning..
For the time being.. I can only afford to buy books and magazine that might help a novice sewer like me. Found this at the newstand a few days back... Actually I took the risk of buying this magazine cos again its Japanese and sealed! I can't even flip thru before buying..
But I learnt to read dress pattern from a dressmaker.. so I guess there is not much of problem to me.. Just follow the numbers and a few english words on it.. and adjust to body measurement.

Quite nice women attires... I should try some.. as I never liked sewing adults apparel.. Cos I have very small space in my sewing room.. and adult dresses are too "grande" for me..

So I decided to try out drafting a pattern for my friend Ulai... She'll be a bridesmaid this coming October.. And she can't find any tailor that can accept her order due to Eid Fitri is just around the corner.. Pitty her...! She begged me to make one for her.. as she is really in a very "desperate" mode.. hehehe.. So.. even though I have many projects due in a few days.. I try my best to squezzzzze my schedule just for her...

Luckily I bought this magazine.. it has diagrams on how to draft pattern with adjustment and standard size.. I just follow & adjust where appropriate..

Really hope this would turn out ok... This is a very "challenging" project for me.. Can't afford for any mistakes.. It must turn out P.E.R.F.E.C.T.... Pray for me..!


zarina said...

There were many recommendations for good sewing books. I thought why not grab it since I want to sew. But when I looked through the books, I realized that sewing means to me patchwork/quilting. SO, all the fabrics that I have been purchasing online will be made into quilts - with big blocks to show off the fabric.

snazzynsuch said...

good luck jurra.. mesti you bole buat nya.. :)

Anonymous said...

hi i would like to know where you buy the lady boutique magazine can you let me know?

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