Monday, 30 June 2008

Aren't gettin bored of diaper stacker yet?

Yeahh.. yeahh.. bored of my stacker huh??
I must make some other stuff then..
But I can't help posting all what I've made.. after all my effort.. eheheh..
Phew.. I've made 3 last week, plus this 4 over the weekend.. That was indeed a marathon!
(I'm also in process of knitting a cardigan for my friend Tweety Mutley.. but slow & steady.. I knit anytime, anywhere..)
Again.. halfway done..
Still need to find somethin' different for the "head".

I only managed to make 1 for my blog friend - trisyaaleesasweetden

But I find it a bit over decorated..:-S

Aleesa.. hope you like it!


Deana E said...

how to use this one?

Jurra said...

Deana.. you can just dump your diapers inside this bag. It has a front opening for easy grab of your diapers.. And you can carry & hang anywhere. No more messy diapers laying around the room..

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