Wednesday, 18 June 2008

My tiny lil sewing machine

Envy my smallest sewing machine? Cool.. handy.. but dunno how to use it ..
It was suppose to be an instant-help during emergency .. when you were about to wear your favourite attire and suddenly there's a hole at the seams... This gadget can help you mend it in seconds... ( I doubt it).
Just "clip" it as if you are holding a big stapler.. keep on stapling along the side of the fabric..
Is it for sale? Nope.. This is my only set..
I bought it in Jalan Masjid India..
Hmm.. so many weird gadgets can be found by the roadside.. in KL. Cheap.. but dunno how long it will last.


debu-papa said...

ada jugak mesin jahit kecik mcm nih yer.. portable.. kalu seluar terkoyak ker, butang tercabut tgh jalan mmg berguna..

Jurra said...

bijak betul org2 yg mereka benda2 ni kan? Ada-ada je dorang ni..

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