Monday, 16 June 2008

Baju Melayu Tomei-nyer

I can't believe I sew this tiny new born "Baju Melayu" for baby Danish (Ziera's lil boy). He's 1 month today! He'll be wearing it for his "Majlis Bercukur" soon. I really hope it fits him, cos new born size really varies.
Its so tiny, and very slippery too! I was supposed to send it by courier today, but his mittens are not ready yet!.. Sorry ye auntie ziera..!
I promise, by these few days. Sending it to Kuantan, Pahang.. real soooooooon!


diamond baby said...

Hi Jurra, my name is Intan. I came across yr blog and just luvvvv yr products! I'll be going to KK next week. I wonder if there's a place where I can view them (if you have them readily availablelah)?

Jurra said...

Hello Intan.Thanks for your compliments.. Appreciate it!

But I'm so sorry that I do not have finished product for sale at this moment, as I only make them upon request (or more to hobby)

Yeah, I really hope I can spend more time to make ready-made stuff to sell online. (cita-cita la nie)

So far the things displayed were customized orders from friends. Glad to know someone likes it. (really flattered actually ;)

diamond baby said...

Its ok. I'll look forward to that time when you can sell them online :D

Natrah Norlin said...

kak jurra...kalau nak bukak kedai finished knitting/crochet product,saya nak join la... hu hu..

jazrul said...

'll look forward to that time when you can sell them online

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fauzi said...

Glad to know someone likes it.

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beba said...

hi jurra..
cutenye baju melayu kecik..saya pon rasa macam nak cuba buat for my tak pandai la..nak belajar pon tak tau kat mane..

jurra boleh bagi guide sket tak camne nak mule?

p/s: saya pon dok kat KK..:D

Ekyn Ucuk said...

when i can get baju melayu for new born? kena tempah ker?

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