Thursday, 26 June 2008

Look what I got..

I just got this great stuff this morning. Thanks to neneth who shared & combined with me with her orders at ebay.
These are more of our knitting accessories collection. Aren't we crazy with knitting?
We ordered all the way from US for this "Lot of Knitting Accessories"
These are sticth holders

Above (from left clockwise):

Yarn Needles, 2 sets of point protectors (big&small size), needle size check (knitting gauge), stich markers & sticth count markers..


This is cable needle (2 sets)

P/S: Also not forgetting our good fren Jo who helped us getting this stuff from post office. Quite surprisingly, the parcel reaches Malaysia on the 2nd June, but the postman did not send to our office until now! Thanks to Jo's mom who helped us digging out the parcel and safely handed to us, with no delivery charges.. (HEHEHE..)

Thanks Jo dearie!


Natrah Norlin said...

kak..knitting accesories ni untuk ape...jarum yang bengkok2 ni guna caner lak...rasa cam nak pindah sabah lah..senang nak tanya kat akak..

Jurra said...

barang2 knitting ni mcm2 rupenye.. tak pernah guna lagi..tapi beli je just in case nak cuba teknik yg advance sikit.

yg jarum bengkok tu (cable needle) gunanya utk buat cable(kalau tengok sweater yang ada corak mcm tocang rambut berpintal-pintal.. itu kena guna cable needle sebagai pemegang jahitan)

Banyak juga accessories yg pelik2.. yg memang tak jual kat M'sia..Maklumlah kita bukan guna sweater pun..

Klu dtg Sabah.. jgn lupa cari saya.. hehehe.

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