Thursday, 26 June 2008

More diaper stacker to decorate

I made these diaper stacker last nite for Kak K, but I still need to do some touch-up on the deco. Done only the body part..
Pink White Daisies with Pink Gingham.

Special request, Kak K asked for zippers.

Tada!.. Say no to dust..

Dramatic Red & Black ric rac

(errm.. I think the color was a bit contrast.. I wanted to change the ric rac to a sweeter color..but.. whats done is done..Kak K, hope you won't mind.. if you prefer a different style or color.. I can make another one.!)

Opps.. This one has no zippers, forgot!

So next task to do tonite is to make something for the "head" part.. Cud it be crochet flower? Applique? Smock? Ric rac daisies...?

Err..lemme think something out.. Anyone can help me?

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