Monday, 30 June 2008

My biggest project - Flower Girls dress

Can I be a fashion designer? Not..!
Look at my lousy drawing.. but at least I can draft out what I want on that piece of paper.. cos the "customer"asked me how it will look like.. after she describe what she wants.
I was given a heavy duty task this time. Making flower girl dresses for Sharon
She needs 8 dresses, all satin white with baby blue ribbon at the waist. It looks simple.. but.. I can't imagine how am I going to sew satin..
This will be a big responsibility.. A wedding is such a big event.. But I must try..
Due date.. 8 August 2008 is the wedding day..
Oopps.. 1 months left!


maya said...

wahhhhh!!!! dah ade mega project... x sabar nak tengok hasilnya..

mcellen said...

Jurra boleh!!!!

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