Monday, 28 July 2008

Boy & Girl reunited

Reunited.. and it feels so gooooood... <-- This old song just came out of my head.. Do you know who sang it? I don't.. but I can still remember it was so long ago when I was little..


Finally the lil red sole got her soul-mate -->> the "Starry Blue"..

The blue one looks smaller although the size was actually the same ( 0-6mnths )..


Forgot to tell you that the star shaped button is the one that my cyber mate Faridah bought me from Australia..

Did you notice, the Starry Blue has 2 color-tone , blue & white inside. I still used the same felt material, but now I combine 2 colors that makes it two layers of felt.. A bit thicker but it stands on its own, not like the Red sole has only 1 piece..

Quite a challenge for me to make this booties, its thicker & sooo tiny... Luckily I had my new sewing machine from Epal. What a great machine it is....! Didn't have the time to show you my new gadget yet.. Later soon I guess, when I'm finished fiddling with it.. Still a lot more to learn.


I just love this smallie.. cutie.. tiny shoe.. I wish I had a nice box to keep this sole..


ida said...

sooooo cute....... nak cepat dapat baby so.. boleh tempah kasut dari ko..

Natrah Norlin said...


snazzynsuch said...

cutenya... you use felt is it?

Jurra said...

tq ida.. tq natrah.. tq tinntinn

yeah.. I use felt.

snazzynsuch said...

earlier i get to see the picture only... now i'm a bit free i get to read the post...
you bought a machine from epal too eh? so do you do the july project.. you should try the floor mat.. its a very interesting project.. :)

Jurra said...

Tinn, I joined epal the 4th week of July.. so tak sempat nak buat current project. Even next Aug project (curtain) can only start mid of the month due to late stock arrival. So now I just do a bit of self-practicing at home,my next class I will do the free "sew cute bag kit" until my next project starts.

maya said...

wah.. comelnya kasut..

zai said...

sewwwww cute!!!! teringin nak jahit jugak!!! pattern dah ade.. masa je x de :(

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