Friday, 11 July 2008

More of baby blue flower girl dress

What more can I add to this flower girl dress..

Yes, beads... I never sewn beads before.. this is my first trial attempt.

Ok.. I guess?

I got this idea from baby daisy beads tutorial by Cheq Sue. It was so adorable.. but mine has a big gap in between the daisies.. I should have made it closer with no gaps like what Cheq Sue made..

I'll ask the owner first if she prefers it to be filled with daisies all around the neck.

Thanks to Cheq Sue for her tutorial..


mcellen said... cantik!!!! Punya cantikk!! Mo menangis sia tingu hehehe...betul2x cantik tau!!! Sia SUKA!! Kemarin ramai kazen2x & aunty2x sia di rumah for Ara's birthday...semua suka tingu tu baju..sia kasi tunjuk the one yg ko mms sia....with this beads lagi...gerenti dorang cakap "WOW" lagi tu..."GOOD JOB"..

Anonymous said...

tahniah Zura....segala jenis jahitan zura boleh creative. from cheq-sue

Mr. Nissan said...

congratulation on the baby

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