Wednesday, 30 July 2008

My pride & joy

I don't know how to express my joy with this new baby of mine.. Finally my dream has come true.. I always wanted my own sewing machine that can do wonders.. Cannot believe myself that its mine! This Epal sewing machine - Model Harmony 2049 is the best sewing machine I can afford as for now..hehehe.. (Syukur lah Tuhan bagi saya semangat utk beli).. When I was at the Epal Centre KK, they intoduced me to another fantastic computerised embroidery machine... cost around 5K and 10K... WOW! I wish I had that much of $$... I want that tooo! But... a bit of patience & passion to own that one fine day.. will come true!

A very special thanks to Shiela the great person who sold me this machine with A Class customer service + Good Discount% + free gift. FYI, she is not from KK.. She's in KL, I only knew her virtually from blogging. So for friends out there who has the same passion as mine, and dreamed to have this machine... I fully recommend you buy this from her..(ehem.. from me also laah.. I'm not the reseller.. but as a member I want to share my joy with others too! Who knows one day I can jump into this great biz...)

Just contact me if you're interested.. We can deliver it to your doorstep! You can never find this kind of EXTRAS if you buy at the Epal Center. Serious!! Wanna bet?

This is the FREE Magic Kit, looks like a CD holder, but it only had elastic bands inside that can hold many types of sewing presser foot... Imagine all this comes FREE!.. If you buy ordinary sewing machine.. they sell it seperately.. and some of the presser foot are not available at stores..

Next free items is the user guide books, which teaches you step-by-step guide to make the sewing projects. I heard from Shiela these books are only included when you purchase the new Harmony Model 2049 (with new pricing). Epal do not sell the book seperately.. so for those who already had the machine, they will never get the chance to own this book.. Only the new members gets this.. Special kan?

What else do they give? Err.. not forgetting the VCD of basic guide to use this machine too! Isn't that great?

Now.. this is the Sew Cute Bag Kit.. FREE! Alahai.. Thank you Shiela.. I really feel honoured.

FYI, I'm the only one in KK who order this machine all the way from Puchong the main HQ for Epal. Currently Epal KK has no stock of this machine.. If you buy from there, sorry to say.. you'll have to wait till the stock arrives.. But mine.. wow.. I pay today.. 2-3 working days its ready to take home.

Wanna join the excitement? Please do not hesitate to contact me, "shout" me at my shoutbox, email me.. or call me.. AnYtimE!


ida said...

bestnyerrrr... tak sabar tunggu turn aku pulak nak beli...

Jurra said...

Best Ida.. satu pengalaman yg sukar nak di bayangkan.. Sedangkan ko beli baju raya baru pun rasa kobar dia.. apa lagi yg benda ribu2kita beli.. Tambah lagi dgn hasil yg menarik.. Memang tak rugi cik timah oii..

hannie said...

Jurra, they are giving offer now from RM2999 to RM2499 now. include all the classes.. how ah... I wonder if I should go for it too. :D

Jurra said...

So far its RM2499, but the price can increase anytime. If you are interested, its really worth the money! I'm really satisfied with it. In fact I fall in love with the 12months free project - all quilts, applique, kids aparel, home accessories.. everything!

If you want special discount.. I can recommend to you. Just book first $50, no matter how the price increase.. u will still get the price at the day u booked. If you go at the Epal Center Wawasan, its fixed price, no discounts, no freebies..

Hey.. don't wait..! Its really a good investment!

exotik1 said...

HI, I am intersted in purchasing this machine. Please email me details and advise if it will be compatible with Canadian power outlets. Thank you

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