Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Recycle the old bolster case

Long time I didn't shop for our queen size bedsheet. Eversince my company I worked with had stopped from giving us RM50 Parkson voucher for annual dinner as a doorgift to all staff.

All these years I used the voucher to buy our bedsheets (kesian kan?), cos I couldn't figure out what to buy there.. for $50 .. I just add a few more to get the nice soft & cool bedsheet. The least that I can afford..

Bedsheet normally comes with 2 pillow cases & 1 bolster case. But I never had a "bantal guling" or bolster all my life.. so I got to waste 1 piece of bolster case from each set..

Never used it.. just kept it for nothing..

I dig out my closet last weekend and found a few bolster cases, still bright & shiny.. So I was thinking, since Maya is still sleeping with us on our bed, might as well I make one pillow case for her.. that matched..
This is the bolster case that I recycled.

Here are some of the steps i took to transform the bolster case to a pillow case.

TADA! Now I have 3 pillowcases!

See who's leg conquers all..


hannie said...

jurra!! thanks for the idea, i've that in my closet too and I don't use them either. does it fit into normal size pillow? hmm... good idea..

Rizon said...
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Jurra said...

yeah hannie.. same size as the normal pillowcase..

But its a bit tricky, cos the fabric fits "ngam-ngam" the size.. you just have to figure out how do the opening part.

I malas want to cut it.. i just sew all 3-and-a-half corners of it.. As long as its covered the pillow nicely.

Anonymous said...

wakakkakkakkak itu kaki mo juga inteprem......

maya said...

i selalu buat cam ni.. & all my bolster case dah jadi pillow case.. :D

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