Thursday, 10 July 2008

Zig zag Shear

I bought this shear yesterday.. Quite pricey I must say.. (there goes my RM50 last piece..)
But it trims away all the bits & pieces of your fragile fabric from tearing off.

What inspires me to buy?
I bought a book on children dressmaking techniques written by Rosita Jaafar.
She uses this technique for neat trimmings.

Good idea indeed, since my very-cheap-china-made overlock machine cannot trim curves .. It can only go for straight line..

At least with this shear, safe time from struggling to trim the arm hole... & most important thing is.. more tidy work.

I find this book quite useful, cos it shows visually in pictures, easy to understand for beginners like me.. Price RM 39.90 (WM)


aku_tulip said...

jura buku nie keluaran tahun bile ek...mcm best la...saya pon teringin nak menjahit....

Jurra said...

Salam "aku_tulip".. ehehh panggil apa yek?

Buku tu tak silap keluaran 2008.
Cuba tengok website nie..

aku_tulip said...

jura....bole panggil saya zila....terima kasih....dah tgk web tu..byk buku dan bole beli on line

zarina said...

I'm going to like this blog.

Question - is having the pinking shear better than the normal shear. I'm planning to stock up my sewing supplies so I want to purchase the best.

Jurra said...

Thnx Zarina .. I learn a new word today pinking shears.. I didn't know the exact name actually.. :D

If I were you.. I must have both.. Pinking shears is just an extra gadget..

zarina said...

Thanks for the feedback. Will see how much the shopping spree will add up to. You can see my ventures (now a bit slow until year end when I finish my master's project) at

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