Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Look what I bought?

I bought this stuff online from Snazzy&Such. Just got 'em this morning air mailed by Pos Express. Very express indeed... Sent on Monday, arrived this morning (Wednesday).
I bought magnetic closure (2 sizes), 6" Big Teeth Zippers and some cute felt embelishment flowers..
Wonder what would my next project be? With this items..
Next job on queue.. (no idea yet)


snazzynsuch said...

oh.. its you... :)
i do come here a lot actually...
the white dress is so cute!

Jurra said...

hehehe.. yeah.. its me.. ;)

I really like your stuff.. your crafts..and all. THey're so fantastic.. Keeps me motivated ..

Thanx for dropping by my blog..!

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