Monday, 30 June 2008

My biggest project - Flower Girls dress

Can I be a fashion designer? Not..!
Look at my lousy drawing.. but at least I can draft out what I want on that piece of paper.. cos the "customer"asked me how it will look like.. after she describe what she wants.
I was given a heavy duty task this time. Making flower girl dresses for Sharon
She needs 8 dresses, all satin white with baby blue ribbon at the waist. It looks simple.. but.. I can't imagine how am I going to sew satin..
This will be a big responsibility.. A wedding is such a big event.. But I must try..
Due date.. 8 August 2008 is the wedding day..
Oopps.. 1 months left!

Aren't gettin bored of diaper stacker yet?

Yeahh.. yeahh.. bored of my stacker huh??
I must make some other stuff then..
But I can't help posting all what I've made.. after all my effort.. eheheh..
Phew.. I've made 3 last week, plus this 4 over the weekend.. That was indeed a marathon!
(I'm also in process of knitting a cardigan for my friend Tweety Mutley.. but slow & steady.. I knit anytime, anywhere..)
Again.. halfway done..
Still need to find somethin' different for the "head".

I only managed to make 1 for my blog friend - trisyaaleesasweetden

But I find it a bit over decorated..:-S

Aleesa.. hope you like it!

Friday, 27 June 2008

Diaper Stacker done!

Hah! Finally done with my diaper stacker. Since kak K was so excited to get her stuff today, I only managed to make a simple embelishment last nite- mixture of ric rac for the borders & the letter "L", felt applique for the heartshape with simple blanket stitch around it & stem stitch for "V" & "E".
I wanted to do the ric rac dahlias, but I was short of ric rac... Next one then..

This is my first crochet flower! Wow.. an achievement for me.. I just learnt crochet.. Still a lot more to learn..

Thursday, 26 June 2008

More diaper stacker to decorate

I made these diaper stacker last nite for Kak K, but I still need to do some touch-up on the deco. Done only the body part..
Pink White Daisies with Pink Gingham.

Special request, Kak K asked for zippers.

Tada!.. Say no to dust..

Dramatic Red & Black ric rac

(errm.. I think the color was a bit contrast.. I wanted to change the ric rac to a sweeter color..but.. whats done is done..Kak K, hope you won't mind.. if you prefer a different style or color.. I can make another one.!)

Opps.. This one has no zippers, forgot!

So next task to do tonite is to make something for the "head" part.. Cud it be crochet flower? Applique? Smock? Ric rac daisies...?

Err..lemme think something out.. Anyone can help me?

Look what I got..

I just got this great stuff this morning. Thanks to neneth who shared & combined with me with her orders at ebay.
These are more of our knitting accessories collection. Aren't we crazy with knitting?
We ordered all the way from US for this "Lot of Knitting Accessories"
These are sticth holders

Above (from left clockwise):

Yarn Needles, 2 sets of point protectors (big&small size), needle size check (knitting gauge), stich markers & sticth count markers..


This is cable needle (2 sets)

P/S: Also not forgetting our good fren Jo who helped us getting this stuff from post office. Quite surprisingly, the parcel reaches Malaysia on the 2nd June, but the postman did not send to our office until now! Thanks to Jo's mom who helped us digging out the parcel and safely handed to us, with no delivery charges.. (HEHEHE..)

Thanks Jo dearie!

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Baby hat

Completed my baby hat!

Monday, 23 June 2008

Look who's knitting ??

I found it a bit funny to see my girl was caught holding my knittings. I was lucky she didn't pull the yarn out!. *PHEW*
But she was pretending she was doing it... she holds it quite still.. until I came back and saw 'em in her bare-hands!!! Oh NO! *I shouted*
But she seems to stay cool & stunned there for a while.. She knew I'll get angry with her..
But instead.. she put a smile on my face and quickly grab my hp to get the precious shot before she ruin my masterpiece..!

I tried to make a hat from the cheapest-yarn-in-town. Although the color was so sweet.. but the yarn is toooooo tiny to knit!..

This hat was suppose to be for 2yrs size.. But with this tiny yarn plus the tiny needle size 3mm, i guess this would only make for 3-6months size..

Well, nevermind. This is only trial.. just to check the gauge for tiny yarns like MINLON or SAKURA... Yes.. these yarns are cheap, but not that suitable for knitting.. (Penat lah.. banyak sangat stiches )

Check out the price in KK - RM 3.40 for Minlon yarn.. The yarn store I went informed me that the price will increase by 1st July 2008.

Oh my! Will that end my knitting hobby?

No way Jose!

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Pink girly diaper stacker

I made this diaper stacker last nite. I thought I can make 3 at one go. But I was a bit sleepy. So this is the only one I can finish.
Kak K. ordered 3 diaper stacker.. so the rest will be finished hopefully by tonight/this week.
I tried to make each diaper stacker unique, I hope I have more ideas to embelish this thing besides the matterial pattern.
Any ideas?

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

My tiny lil sewing machine

Envy my smallest sewing machine? Cool.. handy.. but dunno how to use it ..
It was suppose to be an instant-help during emergency .. when you were about to wear your favourite attire and suddenly there's a hole at the seams... This gadget can help you mend it in seconds... ( I doubt it).
Just "clip" it as if you are holding a big stapler.. keep on stapling along the side of the fabric..
Is it for sale? Nope.. This is my only set..
I bought it in Jalan Masjid India..
Hmm.. so many weird gadgets can be found by the roadside.. in KL. Cheap.. but dunno how long it will last.

5ifty-earth post

Thanks for your time reading my posts.

Monday, 16 June 2008

Baju Melayu Tomei-nyer

I can't believe I sew this tiny new born "Baju Melayu" for baby Danish (Ziera's lil boy). He's 1 month today! He'll be wearing it for his "Majlis Bercukur" soon. I really hope it fits him, cos new born size really varies.
Its so tiny, and very slippery too! I was supposed to send it by courier today, but his mittens are not ready yet!.. Sorry ye auntie ziera..!
I promise, by these few days. Sending it to Kuantan, Pahang.. real soooooooon!

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Kewl tape measure!

Look what i bought! This is the very coolest & the cutest tape measure I've ever had!
It also has a retractable button on the Kangaroo's boxing hand.. to wind it back.
Interested to have one to measure your hour-glass figure??
You can grab 'em at Suria KLCC foyer.. I can't remember which stall, its just a stall that sells cute stuffs like fridge magnets, photo frames, candles and many more ...
Very cheap..
(can't find it anywhere in KK)

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