Wednesday, 30 July 2008

My pride & joy

I don't know how to express my joy with this new baby of mine.. Finally my dream has come true.. I always wanted my own sewing machine that can do wonders.. Cannot believe myself that its mine! This Epal sewing machine - Model Harmony 2049 is the best sewing machine I can afford as for now..hehehe.. (Syukur lah Tuhan bagi saya semangat utk beli).. When I was at the Epal Centre KK, they intoduced me to another fantastic computerised embroidery machine... cost around 5K and 10K... WOW! I wish I had that much of $$... I want that tooo! But... a bit of patience & passion to own that one fine day.. will come true!

A very special thanks to Shiela the great person who sold me this machine with A Class customer service + Good Discount% + free gift. FYI, she is not from KK.. She's in KL, I only knew her virtually from blogging. So for friends out there who has the same passion as mine, and dreamed to have this machine... I fully recommend you buy this from her..(ehem.. from me also laah.. I'm not the reseller.. but as a member I want to share my joy with others too! Who knows one day I can jump into this great biz...)

Just contact me if you're interested.. We can deliver it to your doorstep! You can never find this kind of EXTRAS if you buy at the Epal Center. Serious!! Wanna bet?

This is the FREE Magic Kit, looks like a CD holder, but it only had elastic bands inside that can hold many types of sewing presser foot... Imagine all this comes FREE!.. If you buy ordinary sewing machine.. they sell it seperately.. and some of the presser foot are not available at stores..

Next free items is the user guide books, which teaches you step-by-step guide to make the sewing projects. I heard from Shiela these books are only included when you purchase the new Harmony Model 2049 (with new pricing). Epal do not sell the book seperately.. so for those who already had the machine, they will never get the chance to own this book.. Only the new members gets this.. Special kan?

What else do they give? Err.. not forgetting the VCD of basic guide to use this machine too! Isn't that great?

Now.. this is the Sew Cute Bag Kit.. FREE! Alahai.. Thank you Shiela.. I really feel honoured.

FYI, I'm the only one in KK who order this machine all the way from Puchong the main HQ for Epal. Currently Epal KK has no stock of this machine.. If you buy from there, sorry to say.. you'll have to wait till the stock arrives.. But mine.. wow.. I pay today.. 2-3 working days its ready to take home.

Wanna join the excitement? Please do not hesitate to contact me, "shout" me at my shoutbox, email me.. or call me.. AnYtimE!

Monday, 28 July 2008

Boy & Girl reunited

Reunited.. and it feels so gooooood... <-- This old song just came out of my head.. Do you know who sang it? I don't.. but I can still remember it was so long ago when I was little..


Finally the lil red sole got her soul-mate -->> the "Starry Blue"..

The blue one looks smaller although the size was actually the same ( 0-6mnths )..


Forgot to tell you that the star shaped button is the one that my cyber mate Faridah bought me from Australia..

Did you notice, the Starry Blue has 2 color-tone , blue & white inside. I still used the same felt material, but now I combine 2 colors that makes it two layers of felt.. A bit thicker but it stands on its own, not like the Red sole has only 1 piece..

Quite a challenge for me to make this booties, its thicker & sooo tiny... Luckily I had my new sewing machine from Epal. What a great machine it is....! Didn't have the time to show you my new gadget yet.. Later soon I guess, when I'm finished fiddling with it.. Still a lot more to learn.


I just love this smallie.. cutie.. tiny shoe.. I wish I had a nice box to keep this sole..

Award from 2 great buddies..

I'm honored and really.. really.. really happy to receive the "Kreativ Blogger Award" from 2 great ladies -- Awin(Aleesa) & Gee(Dania).

This is a big surprise to be nominated from both the beautiful ladies. Thank you so much my dear ..

(sorry for the delay for responding)

It has been done according to the following rules:

1. The winner may put the logo on her blog.
2. Put a link to the person you got the award from.
3. Nominate 5 blogs.
4. Put links to the blogs.
5. Leave a message for your nominees.award

So now to get the ball rolling.. I'm short of names.. everyone has been nominated.. To the great blogger below:

1. Ida
2. Natrah
3. Cheq Sue
4. Cilla@ RayCill
5. ecila

Feel free to award your precious friends... past it on to them ya!

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Recycle the old bolster case

Long time I didn't shop for our queen size bedsheet. Eversince my company I worked with had stopped from giving us RM50 Parkson voucher for annual dinner as a doorgift to all staff.

All these years I used the voucher to buy our bedsheets (kesian kan?), cos I couldn't figure out what to buy there.. for $50 .. I just add a few more to get the nice soft & cool bedsheet. The least that I can afford..

Bedsheet normally comes with 2 pillow cases & 1 bolster case. But I never had a "bantal guling" or bolster all my life.. so I got to waste 1 piece of bolster case from each set..

Never used it.. just kept it for nothing..

I dig out my closet last weekend and found a few bolster cases, still bright & shiny.. So I was thinking, since Maya is still sleeping with us on our bed, might as well I make one pillow case for her.. that matched..
This is the bolster case that I recycled.

Here are some of the steps i took to transform the bolster case to a pillow case.

TADA! Now I have 3 pillowcases!

See who's leg conquers all..

Monday, 21 July 2008

Lil Red Sole

I love this.. So adorable.. isn't it?
I got this idea from my old friend Hip-o-Mama. She bought a pair of handmade baby booties from US. It was made of felt material.. I decided to try it out.. Well, you know me.. I was too eager to try out new things .. especially cute lil things that I really cannot resist.
I dig out my printout draft pattern of baby sole from my knitting collection, and found the drawing pattern for size 0-6months.
Tada! DONE!
Its is so very simple.. But the hard thing is its too tiny to sew.. especially when handling sewing machine.. I need to sew it slow & steady..
Its cute for gifts too. I must find a good box to put it into.. I wonder who will be lucky to have this sole..

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Updates on my flower girl dress

Made another 2 pairs last nite.. (: *yawn*
Yeaah.. tired too.. But still okay..
I did't sleep that late last nite.. only started at 10pm till 12 midnight.. Cannot bear it no more beyond that.. really time for bed & rest..

Look what I bought?

I bought this stuff online from Snazzy&Such. Just got 'em this morning air mailed by Pos Express. Very express indeed... Sent on Monday, arrived this morning (Wednesday).
I bought magnetic closure (2 sizes), 6" Big Teeth Zippers and some cute felt embelishment flowers..
Wonder what would my next project be? With this items..
Next job on queue.. (no idea yet)

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Make your own flowers online

Another fun toy to play with.. sure will relax your mind a bit.. after a stressfull day..

Stitch in you own text tool

I found this cool site that you can draft your own text pattern for your crosstitch or backstitch ..

Sample of my backstitch text

Sample of my crosstitch text

Isn't that cute? You can just print it out and start your stitches at this site..

Monday, 14 July 2008

Baju Melayu Tomei-nyer Part - II

Baby Danish had worn his first "Baju Melayu".. Cute boy..
See more of Ziera's baby pics HERE

Friday, 11 July 2008

More of baby blue flower girl dress

What more can I add to this flower girl dress..

Yes, beads... I never sewn beads before.. this is my first trial attempt.

Ok.. I guess?

I got this idea from baby daisy beads tutorial by Cheq Sue. It was so adorable.. but mine has a big gap in between the daisies.. I should have made it closer with no gaps like what Cheq Sue made..

I'll ask the owner first if she prefers it to be filled with daisies all around the neck.

Thanks to Cheq Sue for her tutorial..

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Zig zag Shear

I bought this shear yesterday.. Quite pricey I must say.. (there goes my RM50 last piece..)
But it trims away all the bits & pieces of your fragile fabric from tearing off.

What inspires me to buy?
I bought a book on children dressmaking techniques written by Rosita Jaafar.
She uses this technique for neat trimmings.

Good idea indeed, since my very-cheap-china-made overlock machine cannot trim curves .. It can only go for straight line..

At least with this shear, safe time from struggling to trim the arm hole... & most important thing is.. more tidy work.

I find this book quite useful, cos it shows visually in pictures, easy to understand for beginners like me.. Price RM 39.90 (WM)

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Baby-blue Flower Girl dress

Finally.. I managed to complete 98% of the Baby-blue Flower Girl Dress.
Only 1 dress done.. I have another 6 pair to go..
Why 98%?

Because the flower is not sewn on the belt yet.. And I need to get da boss Sharon to approve it first ..

The rose was just a trial one.. plus the hanging down ribbon is just temporary.. I need to buy ribbon that match the color OR I need to buy more of the baby blue satin, cos the fabric provided is not enough to make the long tail in front.

And i plan to make some embelisment on the neck.. maybe some beads.. If I got the time ya? And of course if its not beyond the budget..

Monday, 7 July 2008

Progress on Flower Girl dress

I made the 1st flower girl dress for Andrea (Sharon's princess).
80% completed.. only the plain white dress part is done..
This is my first time making flower girl dress for a wedding.. Wow.. it was indeed a very big challenge.
My only comment is, the 1st time is always the hardest....
I really hope it would turn out ok.

Hey.. I'm listed in the BIG LIST of SEWING blogs!

This is really kewl!!!!!

I never thought my sewing blog was listed! I'm so excited.

The Big List of Sewing Blogs

Enjoy the whole list of sewing bloggers in the whole wide world!
Lets share the joy!

Friday, 4 July 2008

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Sew Cute Buttons!!!!

I received this buttons from my blog friend Faridah yesterday!

A special THANKS to you Faridah for taking the effort to buy the buttons for me from your trip to Australia recently.

I never thought my dream would come true, cos I really admire the buttons she bought for our other blog fren Maya .. and wished if she could buy the same set for me as well.

You can't imagine how happy & over excited I was when Faridah told me she managed to buy it for me!

You really make my day..

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Everywhere... knit.. knit..

I hope I never get bored knitting..
I knit everywhere..
Even if I have so little time..
I must squeeze my time to do a few rows at least..
Do I have time?
Knitting -- when my baby is awake
Sewing -- when my baby sleeps
Time for my baby?
YES.. all the time.. she'll be around me when I'm knitting..
Time for daddy?
YES too.. But we spent most of the weekends out together..
That time... when daddy's home..
just me, daddy & Maya.

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